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I spent a bit of time admitting that I’m addicted to games and this entry’s topic is by no means going to dispel that statement.  I have greatly narrowed down my upcoming gaming list yet again to include titles like Monster Hunter 4u (releasing March 2015, I believe), Splatoon, Fortnite and AC:Unity.  There are so many more great games that I am attempting to ignore.  There’s a theme in those titles I did mention tho, and that’s co-op.

I’d like to talk about Fantasy Life.  The game is coming out for the US Oct 24, 2014 (also known as Not Soon Enough, 2014) and has already been out in Japan since 2012, I believe.  It just might possibly serve as my time bridge to MH4u, but I think it’ll be more.  I feel like…. I feel like I should… no, NEED to spread the word of this game.  It’s created by Level-5 (Dragon Quest, Professor Layton, Ni No Kuni among others) and features music by Nobuo Uematsu – composer of just about every Final Fantasy soundtrack.. in other words, a total ****ing rockstar.

My buddy (who just started a Facebook group called “Fantasy Life Friends” today) went ahead and bought the game on his 3DS LL (Japanese 3DS XL) after I had been fervently describing it to him for a week or probably longer.  So he lent it to me recently and I got to log in a good amount of time with it!

Even with barely knowing what exactly is going on, I still had a very fun time and got to focus on playing with the game mechanics.  Now, a disclaimer:  I didn’t get so far in to the game to know everything, but I have watched enough videos to understand that I am very excited to play this with my wife and friends!  So, I thought I’d share a bit of my own experience coupled with what I learned from others in an attempt to raise public awareness.

To start, I was surprised by how many character customization options the game actually has!  There are definitely games that go way beyond what this one does, but I was very happy spending a solid hour at least (it could and will be far more with the US release) playing around in the customization menu.

Then you choose a class – or in Fantasy Life, classes/jobs are called Life or Lives.  I chose a sorcerer because I’m usually melee or archer.  I rather liked how he turned out.

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